Nomakenolife february box review part 2 of 2-Testing the products.

“What is nomakenolife? Nomakenolife is a popular phrase heard in Japan by people who believe that makeup is essential to their lives. They say ‘We want to embrace this philosophy and deliver you high quality, kawaii Japanese cosmetics that you’ll want to continue using daily. We’ve got our in-house, licensed beauty consultant to handpick uniquely Japanese items that look cute and make you feel wonderful’



Over the last few weeks I have been testing out each of the products from February’s debut box and some of them I really like, the ones I am not so sure of will be used as emergency beauty products or passed down to my niece because they are more suited to a much younger girl.


Again let us keep to the order of part one of the review , starting with my Sailor Venus eyelashes. The orange edges of the lashes are quite subtle and they don’t show up much which is good in some ways since orange is not my usual colour choice but bad in other ways if you want the colour to be vivid and add to your makeup look. I do hope to get some of the other colours soon and then I can see what they are like with makeup but judging by photos of them on the #nomakenolife the red and the blue show up very nicely on the eye. The eyelashes are very nice to wear with a good fine lash band but not too thin that they are flimsy. I will give them an 8/10 only because the colour doesn’t really show.


I am really impressed with the Dollywinks eyelash glue, it stays all day and the applicator is super fine so you won’t get glue over the lash fibres. When this one runs out I will definitely be getting another one. I will give this product a 10/10 because it’s a great product and I can’t find a fault.

Next is the eyeshadow palette by “Zawachin x noyl” I tried this palette out 4 times, once on the way to london when I used a mix of what ever colours I wanted with the eyelashes from this box, and then the other three times I just used the colour sections (Pictures below of each eye look). I was not particularly impressed with the colour pigmentation for me apart from the red brown, they are all too shimmery with no substance, I also don’t see much difference in colour between the blue and the green look. I have found a new like for a brown eye though as long as it has that red terracotta colour in it.  I would have used this a lot as a tween/young teenager but as an adult it just isn’t for me. I will give this product a 5/10 because it is just too shimmery and the greens and blues are too similar in colour. I have given this palette to my niece who will greatly enjoy the sparkle and for her it would be an 8/10.

First photo is the blue section,the second is the brown section of the palette  which is a perfect natural look for every day, the third is the green and the last is a mix.

Now we are moving onto the beauty products, the Hello Kitty masks are ok they are not the best quality I have ever used and they are not particularly juicy. But they still make your skin feel really refreshed and they have a lovely sweet scent if you like the smell of candy strawberries. A quick explanation of how to use sheet masks, cleanse your face thoroughly, tone with your favourite toner, when your face is dry place the mask on and relax in the bath or on your bed for 15-30 mins and then peel it off patting the remaining essence into your skin (you can also scrunch up the mask and dab it on your neck also) finally moisturise. These are super easy to use and make you feel amazingly refreshed! I will give this product a 7/10 because it’s not juicy enough for my liking but other than that they are really nice.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like the facial soap when I saw it was in the box but actually I love it. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning before I go for a walk with the dogs. It’s not overly fragranced which I like, is a nice texture to massage into skin and so far has not gone mushy. It makes skin really soft, smooth and moisturised, I don’t like products that dry out skin and I have been using it every day since I opened it. I will give this product a 8/10 just because it’s a hassle to find something to keep it in.


The last product is the organic Puchi animal hand cream, it’s a nice hand cream to keep in your handbag or hang on your bag or by the side of your dressing table. It moisturises hands well and absorbs in quickly, which is good for me because of working with fabrics. Like I said in my last blog entry the smell is quite subtle and smells like sweet apples, I like it a lot and the smell is amazing. Also let’s just mention how cute the front is! That little panda is kawaii! I think the green casing is a good idea to keep it in place in or on your bag but I am not sure if you would ever find another bottle that would fit it? I will give this product a 9/10 because the case to keep it in seems a little silly unless you can get a replacement or another hand cream that can fit it, I will have to look.


I enjoyed trying out these products and I would say 90% of the products given in the box I was impressed with and or enjoyed using. I am looking forward to the March box with the theme Sakura which I love as it reminds me of our trip to Japan last year at cherry blossom season.


My next blog will be about my makeup and outfit choices for the Street Fashion Europe Event “Omnia Vanitas” I will be wearing two opposite styles of substyles.

That’s it for this review, hope you enjoyed it. Please leave any comments below I would love to hear your thoughts.



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