Nomakenolife February box review part 1 of 2

“What is nomakenolife? Nomakenolife is a popular phrase heard in Japan by people who believe that makeup is essential to their lives. They say ‘We want to embrace this philosophy and deliver you high quality, kawaii Japanese cosmetics that you’ll want to continue using daily. We’ve got our in-house, licensed beauty consultant to handpick uniquely Japanese items that look cute and make you feel wonderful’-This is the ethos of the nomakenolife company, I love that they have a beauty consultant choosing the products for each box and I know that there will be themed boxes.  March is “Sakura” but I am jumping ahead. I was so excited to open their debut box and this is what was inside, apart from the Sailor Mars that was in my January Yumetwins box.


February 2017 was the launch of the Nomakenolife beauty box by the Tokyotreat company. I was subscribed to the Yumetwins box originally and was impressed by the genuine items from Japan. When I saw that they were going to be doing a beauty box I had to subscribe to it and I wasn’t disappointed.


Let us start with the packaging, the box is very sleek and stylish, simple in design but effective. I really like the box because it doesn’t take away from the products inside.


Inside the box is a little pamphlet about the products and the competition for the month, this matches perfectly to the packaging as it is very sleek.


Now onto the cosmetics! This is my favourite item in the beauty box because I love having long pretty eyelashes, I was hoping for the Sailor Mars set because the red would go better with my wardrobe, but i do love Sailor Venus and I think the orange eyelashes may look more subtle than they look here in the packaging. There is also a storage box  to put the eyelashes in or you can use it for storing little pieces of jewellery, but I am going to keep it in my travel makeup bag incase an earing falls out or my eyelashes are annoying me late at night on the way home.


I love that they put an eyelash glue in aswell for people who have never worn false eyelashes before. It’s good forethought and I am very excited to have this eyelash glue in my makeup kit. The Dollywink eyelash glue is designed by one of Japan’s most popular “gyaru” models and is “sweat proof, water proof and tear proof” and I have been wanting to try this glue for a while.

This is the last makeup item in the box an eyeshadow palette by “Zawachin x noyl” Zawachin is a popular tv personality  and she has made a name for herself impersonating the looks of celebrities in Japan. The colours are quite subtle and not my usual colour choices but I think for days when I have to do my makeup on the train or car this will be very useful because it is a perfect size to put in a makeup bag.


I was so excited to see these in the box as I  adore sheet masks and these have Hello Kitty on the front and are they are infused with sakura and tea. Sheet masks are one of the best inventions ever as they are so easy to use for an at home facial as there is no washing off once you have peeled them off your face and the finished effect is so good, your face feels all smooth and fresh. The packaging is really cute on these but unfortunately they are only white inside with no pretty pattern or face on them, sometimes though the designs can be a bit terrifying!


Sakura face soap  smells nice and I have heard good things about face soaps however I will need to get a little tin to keep it in so it doesn’t go all mushy and gross or get used as a normal soap.  I also have never used a soap before on my face so it is going to be interesting to try it out.


The last item in the box is this organic Puchi animal hand cream. The smell is not too strong which is good for me since I can be quite sensitive to certain smells. Apparently there was only 3 fragrances “soap, rose and honey” but I got an apple?


Overall I am really impressed with the items in the box, it is collated well there is a lot of variety and I look forward to the next box too. I am hoping though that there is more makeup items and I would like to see a bit of info in the pamphlet about makeup trends in Japan and quick tutorials to help use some of the products given. The second part of my blog will be testing the products and as I have not used any of these items before it will be interesting to see how they work on my skin type.

Please leave any comments below I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


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