Why I have started a beauty blog.

My name is Emily and I have a small indie fashion brand called ShinkuRose which has been running now for 4 years, I design and create alternative fashions inspired by street fashion in Japan. My brand ranges from casual cute fashion to much more dressy fashions. I work with my mum creating hand crafted garments and accessories, we work well together and have a lot of fun, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I have a husband named Simon who is a Chef in a hotel in Sandbanks, he looks after me well and loves my eccentric style, I also have 3 dogs (well 2 are technically my mums) 2 Pomapoos named Button and Sponge (mums) and a Eurasier named Kiba (mine) after the character in Naruto.


The reason why I am doing this blog is a little complicated and I want to give you a little bit of the background story before I start and also what I hope to achieve from writing my thoughts down. Last year in June something tragic happened in mine and my family’s life which resulted in huge changes personally and professionally not only for me but for all of us, those of you who know me will understand, as a result of the tremendous changes in our lives my beauty and makeup regime was put on the back burner, something which before had been very important to me. My love of makeup and beauty products had already been declining before the event in June 2016  due to stress but this was the tipping point and I neglected looking after myself. I had been suffering with anxiety and various other problems which I had been working through overall my head was swimming!


I love having my own business and with the support of my husband, my mum and having Kiba and the other dogs to help get me out of my house and studio I have kept going and doing what I  love. At my worse I just wore makeup to events because I had to but I wasn’t enjoying putting it on or taking it off, it was rarely well thought out, it was the same makeup style that I was comfortable with, I stopped putting face masks on and just couldn’t be bothered. This was made worse during the latter half of 2016 because survival was what was most important and as a result my skin suffered.


I have never had problem skin but it has been dull under my makeup and not as smooth in texture as it had before. I believe that your skin under your makeup needs to be the best it can be for your makeup to sit beautifully. I decided this year 2017 that things were going to be different and although I am still anxious, it’s in my nature to be that way, and publishing this is also makes me a bit anxious, and our new lives are still evolving, I want to feel like myself again and heal as best as I can. I have already started to do this and probably annoying my family because I get pretty obsessive so I am channeling my energy into this blog to keep myself motivated. I am also super terrified of getting old and want to prevent ageing as much as humanly possible!


I have always loved alternative fashions and I am currently expanding my own style which naturally means makeup as well. I want to share  my journey of returning to who I really am, I want to write reviews of products and beauty boxes and show you how I do my makeup depending on what style of fashion I am wearing. I want to share beauty regimes of what works for me and what doesn’t.

I hope to inspire those who have fallen out of love with what made them happy perhaps you have lost sight of that too? whether its makeup, fashion, drawing or anything else. I want to help not only myself find inspiration again but others too. For me makeup is an art form, it is war paint, it finishes the look of an outfit and creates the character you want to portray. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand and I want to explore more avenues and share with you what I find.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this little post, my first proper beauty post will be part 1 of a 2 part blog about the new nomakenolife subscription box by the Tokyotreat company.


I would love to know your thoughts so please comment below.



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